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Interior Landscape Design

Add natural plant life to any space and watch it come alive. Look around South Florida some of what sets us apart from other areas if the use of tropical landscaping. It makes ordinary, extraordinary…

Interior Plant Leasing


The plants are in now what do I do?… Keeping everything green and healthy is important and our experienced and friendly horticulture technicians have the tools and knowledge you need…

Exterior Landscape

Walkways, front entrances, valet areas, rooftops, pools and patios all directly reflects your image. A tropical well maintained area gets noticed and sends a welcoming message to your guests…

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The appearance of your space is a reflection of you. So if you want your home or business to look its best, it only makes sense to have a reputable plant leasing and maintenance company that you can trust. Make your interior or exterior really stand out with living décor and florals. Let our experts here at Plant Care make that possible for you. Since 1991, Plant Care has been the name locals rely on for this type of work. The service starts with exciting design options that reflect your décor and compliment the setting. From single offices, to homes, or larger projects we can help. Now, give us a call or send us an email. Let’s meet for a free no pressure consultation.

For well over two decades now, our name has been synonymous with superior quality plant care. If your needs are long term leasing, maintenance for plants already in place, or short term rentals for private events, we have got you covered. The best part is that we can help with any of your maintenance needs so that you will not have to lift a finger, well unless you happen to want to put your green thumb to work.  Count on us to keep your space green, beautiful, and healthy.


Plant Leasing: Options That Suit Your Needs

One of our most popular options is complete plant or floral leasing. This is the ideal way to create the look that you want with low upfront costs. Let our professionals design and install everything that is needed. From there, we will continue to provide maintenance required to keep everything looking its best, including guaranteed no cost replacements. You can have the ultimate in stunning living decoration without having to do any of the work required to keep it looking its best. Just sit back, take a breath, and enjoy the peaceful health benefits plants offer.

Another popular option is complete plant maintenance. If you enthusiastically purchased plants on your own with the determination of a gardening gladiator, we can help you too. We admire your warrior spirit! But sometimes between the phone, emails, and countless other interruptions, the plants are neglected and left to brown, yellow, and build up dust, or develop disease.  Let our green thumbed technicians take that task off of your to do list so that you don’t make an unwanted impression on your visitors and guests.

We are so fortunate to call South Florida home. Our tropical weather makes this a perfect place for many variety of plant life to grow and thrive. We partner with local growers using the wide variety of exotic tropical plants available that are then incorporated into designs for your home or business while supporting our local economy.

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Why You Should Choose Us For Your Plant Needs

Quality and consistency is an important decision in choosing vendor services. Plant Care is a locally owned business that has been providing plant services in South Florida for over twenty years. We love what we do and it shows! For these reasons many of our current customers have contracted our services for over a decade. We are responsive to your needs, professional, and reliable. A wide variety of looks are available. Everything from organically unique, to formal and tailored. It all comes down to what you want, we listen and create your vision. Don’t like something that we installed, we will change it. It’s just that easy.

Call on us today to find out more about what we can do for you and how we can get started taking care of all of your indoor plants, patio plants, office plantsplant leasing and plant maintenance needs.

Plant-Care FL is Your


If you want your home or business to look its best, it only makes sense to have a reputable plant leasing and maintenance company you can trust.

Indoor landscape, exterior landscape, and

Landscape design services


Plant-Care FL is Your

Short Term Plant Rentals & Plant Sales

In many instances, what you really need is simply short term plant rentals. This is the ideal path to choose the right indoor plants, and exterior plants for events and special occasions.

*New clients only.

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