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About Plant Care

Can I hire your services if I already have my own plants?

Yes you can. We can provide service to plants which are already installed in your space. After an inspection to determine the health of your plants our team can put together a plan that will work for you and your budget.

My building has specific insurance requirements, will that be an issue?

Plant care is fully insured carrying a two million dollar liability policy. A certificate of insurance can be issued in your company’s name as required

What is included in your ongoing maintenance services?

Plantscapes require sustained maintenance to ensure they continue to look attractive. We offer ongoing maintenance that involves trimming, cleaning, polishing, debris removal, rotating, organic fertilizer and insect control as needed. Plans start as low as $60 monthly.

Why choose our company?

As with all other service business it comes down to, well, service. One of the many reasons to choose Plant Care is our dedication to our client. Our goal is not simply getting you as a client but to retain you for many years. It starts with the highest quality of service and products.

All of us at Plant Care want you to sincerely enjoy the beauty of plants in your environment at all times. We don’t wait until your plant has died or is trimmed to a stick before it is changed. Our technicians proactively inspect all plants on a regular basis and schedule needed replacements immediately. Give Plant Care Interiorscapes the chance to show you why we are one of the leading interior- exterior plantscaping companies in South Florida. I promise we will not disappoint. Please contact us by clicking here, or filling out our request form.

  • Support

    Support of our local economy

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability of the environment

  • Supply

    We supply wide-ranging professional interior landscape designs

  • Landscape maintenance

    We provide landscape maintenance for residential and commercial settings throughout the South Florida

  • Friendly Service

    We communicate with our clients. If a problem should arise it is address with professionalism and efficiency.

  • Teamwork

    Designers, technicians, installation professionals, and our support staff all working together operating in the background keeping your space green and beautiful. We guarantee you will be amazed at the quality work we provide.

  • Creativity

    Every project is different, and so is our approach and inspiration to deliver great results.

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