Palm Beach County Corporate Plant Rentals & More

Plant Rentals and Interior Landscape Design in Florida

Every space leaves an impression. Deciding to incorporate lush, beautifully designed florals and living décor into your residence or workplace will go a long way in making that impression impressive. Providing Palm Beach and the surrounding counties with our green thumbs since 1985, Plant Care is a a local authority on home and corporate plant rentals, plant maintenance, and interior landscape design in Florida. Each project begins with a thorough design phase where your setting and existing aesthetic are matched with custom greenery that complements your space and satisfies your taste.

Whether your needs are interior or exterior landscape design, corporate plant maintenance, or holiday tree installation and decoration, we have gotten our hands dirty in every type of project over our 30 years on the job. Our involvement in your project is also entirely dependent on you. If you’re hoping to stretch your green thumb and tend to the plants yourself, rather than have us perform complete routine maintenance, our expertise is always at your disposal. The plants we offer are just as numerous and varied as our services. From tasteful and traditional, to exotic and wild, to chic and contemporary, Plant Care has a command over every aesthetic and is ready to work with you to find one that sets the perfect tone for you and your space.

Our Services

  • Plant leasing and rentals for private homes and workplaces
  • Complete plant maintenance
  • Exterior and interior landscaping and design services
  • Plant and planter rentals and wholesale
  • Holiday tree and décor installation and storage
  • Green wall installation and maintenance
  • Plant replacements

Whether you’re a property manager who wants their lobby to make a statement, or you’re an interior decorator who wants to add a green touch, you’ll always have our designers, landscapers, and technicians by your side. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver a one-of-a-kind living arrangement that will be a welcome and impactful addition to your space. To set up time for your complimentary consultation, please call or email us!