Plant Care Services

Whether you have your own interior plants, patio plants, or an interest in adding plant decor to your office or personal space we will help you. Our interior landscape design will have a great impact on any space. So if you would like to add a few office plants, or green up your home with potted plants on your patio, or an indoor garden we can bring your vision to life.

Its super easy. We start with top grade tropical plants and flowers that match your decor and style. Add some contemporary planters and place the plants in areas that will make a difference. Once we have crafted the environment you imagined we keep your plants looking like the day they were installed. Our service technicians will take care of the rest, watering, cleaning, trimming, and replacements as needed.  At Plant Care “Care” is what we are about.



Add natural plant life to any space and watch it come alive. Look around South Florida some of what sets us apart from other areas if the use of tropical.

Plant Maintenance and Service

The plants are in now what do I do?… I don’t have a green thumb…We got this. Keeping everything green and healthy is as important as the decision to…

Exterior Landscaping

Walkways, front entrances, valet areas, rooftops, pools and patios all directly reflects your image. A tropical well maintained area gets noticed and…

Landscaping Design

Plant Care Interiorscapes architects are specialized to design the exterior features your residential or commercial areas, playgrounds, public parks…