This is where we make you shine.  Those who enter your space will notice your interior plants, interior flowers, plant decor, patio trees, or indoor garden. The graceful beauty of nature will be all they notice because PLANT CARE will take care of all the dirty work, maintaining everything to keep all looking green and lush. On a regular schedule plants will be cleaned, polished, and trimmed.  If a plant starts to show signs of deterioration it will be replaced promptly at no additional cost with our maintenance program.

We not only are concerned about the your plants we are equally concerned for our customers.  We use only non toxic and organic products for all our services. Its just better for ya.

If you enthusiastically purchased plants of your own with the determination of a gardening gladiator, we can help you too. We love your warrior spirit. But sometimes between the phone, emails, and countless interruptions, the plants have been neglected. Let us take that task off of your “to do” list with our green thumbed plant people. Give us a call for a no-hassle quote.