What We Do?

We improve the areas where you live and work by making them more inviting, relaxed, and yes, healthy. We listen to you and your ideas, throw in a few of our own ideas, and soon we have a space that is more reflective of your individuality and an expressive extension of you or your business. Its simple – plants make a huge difference everywhere. Indoors, outdoors, patios, and gardens.  If the aesthetic attributes aren’t enough to motivate you to make interior plants a part of your environment there are countless studies that show increased physiological and physical  health improvements. Let us show you what we can do for you.



Add natural plant life to any space and watch it come alive. Look around South Florida some of what sets us apart from other areas if the use of tropical.

Plant Maintenance and Service

The plants are in now what do I do?… I don’t have a green thumb…We got this. Keeping everything green and healthy is as important as the decision to…

Exterior Landscaping

Walkways, front entrances, valet areas, rooftops, pools and patios all directly reflects your image. A tropical well maintained area gets noticed and…

Landscaping Design

Plant Care Interiorscapes architects are specialized to design the exterior features your residential or commercial areas, playgrounds, public parks…