Interior Landscaping


Add natural plant life to any space and watch it come alive. Look around South Florida some of what sets us apart from other areas if the use of tropical landscaping. It makes ordinary, extraordinary. Plants have the same impact indoors. Get this…not only are they a spectacular addition to any environment they also have many health and economical benefits.

People spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. Indoor air quality presents its own challenges since it is generally more polluted than outdoor air quality, and can be attributed to more than 2.4 million illnesses each year. For those who seek a clean, healthy environment, plants are an essential element for work or home. Plants improve are quality by helping to remove harmful chemicals while converting carbon dioxide to oxygen which allows humans to be more focused, creative, attentive, happier, and yes, all around healthier.

In a business setting, plants have been shown to increase productivity, occupancy and retention rates. Think about it…in a hotel environment, rooms with a garden view are often the first to be reserved and command premium pricing. Interior plants are the fastest, most cost-effective agents for changing negative perceptions of an area.